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Boulder Popcorn - Simply the Best Popcorn
Science and mass production have diluted the taste of natural corn with GMO's and Microwaves. We hope to change the tide back to great tradition and great taste. If you dare to give us a try, we're quite confident you'll agree that Boulder Popcorn is simply the best!

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Popcorn Accessories

Two great way's to pop naturally with out all those pre-packaged ingredients that nobody can understand. If you purchase one of the poppers below, your taste buds will never let you go back.

Silver Whirley Popper

Silver Whirley Popper

My favorite way to Pop, I was taught this method from my Grandfather. Whirley Pop is "Made in the USA" with a manufacture lifetime guarantee.

This popper can pop just as fast as a microwave bag and produce twice as much.

Just wipe clean and store for next time. No trash to throw away, environmentally friendly and tastes so much better!